Welcome to Wealthi Expat

We've opened a London office to help Australians abroad invest in property back home

I recently joined Wealthi to lead its new London office. Our primary focus will be to help Australian expats in the UK, Europe and Asia invest back home in residential property opportunities made available through the Wealthi platform.

Prior to joining Wealthi, I studied and worked in Brisbane before moving to London two years ago. I’ve held a range of roles, including industrial and commercial negotiations on behalf of multinational clients such as Uber while at Cushman & Wakefield. My studies include Urban and Environmental Planning at the University of Griffith in Brisbane.

As an expat living abroad, I understands the challenges Aussie investors face when working abroad and weigh up their different investment options. As part of his new role, I’ll be hosting the Wealthi Expat podcast which educates and guides Australian investors working abroad with weekly insights and strategies.

The first episode launched this week, featuring Wealthi’s Co-Founder and host of the Australian Wealthi Podcast Domenic Nesci.

Wealthi Expat adds to the existing umbrella of Wealthi brands, including Wealthi AcademyWealthi en Espanol and Academy en Espanol. Make sure you subscribe to this newsletter to get my weekly updates as they are published.